Actor, producer

As a a freelance actor, I have been working for the Swedish Probation Services (touring with plays and held drama workshops for inmates), The Swedish Army

& The Police Academy (educational purpose).

I write and produce theatre & been doing  assignments for

The County Board, Dramadam & Sonor Produktion, amongst others.

More information about my productions and roles and to recieve My CV, please send an email via contact form.

Tornet Productions

Since 2009, I have been working with my own theatre

production company. The main part of the production

is situated at an exciting outdoor stage by a 39 ft

high tower, surrounded by the forest.

This inspiring place is excellent for child and family

theatre and we also arrange drama workshops for adults

and teenagers. We produce new drama and put up plays

in other premises too, like cafés for example.

We prefer to be very close to our audience.

Nominated to Ullbaggen 2011

Ullbaggen är designad av jönköpingskonstnären Peter Gadh

As a producer and leader of the project ”Tornet”,

I was nominated in The Swedish Rural Gala in the cathegory "Rural project of the year, the best of

The Swedish Rural Network”. The ceremony was held at The City Hall in Stockholm. (The National Network Unit/The Board of Agriculture - the Swedish Rural Development Programme 2007-2013).


+ 46 732 07 59 24

Agent for commercial assignments:


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+46 763 53 64 01



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